The name "Yang Tai Chi" comes from the Yang Family of Northern China. They have passed their traditonal tai chi down faithfully for five generations.

Edward Moore has studied continuously with Master Yang Jun, current head of the Yang lineage, since 1999.  After first working to overcome his own health issues, he became strong enough to help others.  The Yangs asked him to begin to teach classes in 2004.


Edward currently teaches in the Master Yang's home school in Redmond Washington whenever Master Yang is traveling the world to hold seminars. Edward also teaches at several Seattle locations.


Because the Yang Family Lineage has been passed down so carefully, a wide variety of training methods are available.  This makes it easy to tailor the training to the individual.  From soft and slow regenerative exercises for health and balance, to vigorous methods more tailored to the martial artist.  Yang Family Tai Chi can be easily adapted to the individual without losing its essence.