Traditional Tai Chi (also known as Taijiquan), is a powerful tool for calming the mind, healing the body, and increasing energy.  Traditional Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine alike recommend Tai Chi as an effective way to maintain good health.  Yang Family Tai Chi is a health and martial arts system that has been handed down for 6 generations.  The Yang Family Tai Chi exercises are performed in a flowing, extended way that promotes good health and suits people of all ages .  

Yang Family Tai Chi and Qigong in Seattle.

Ongoing Monday class, 5pm-6pm at Skin Deep Dance studio on Beacon Hill.

Call 206-659-7424 for more information, or email

Call: 206-659-7424 for more info


Those who would like to observe a class or try one out are welcome.   

“By means of intuitive understanding the dark becomes bright .  By means of tranquility the murky becomes clear.  By means of movement the still becomes alive.  This is the natural way.”    Wang Pi.


Balance mind and body,nurture good health.

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